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We have your entire evening's entertainment covered; two hours of fantastically unique and memorable live music plus a superb disco come with every booking, as does a fantastic all-round service. Simply, we want to make sure you have the most amazing night.

Our style is different to other bands, we don’t just play covers, we like to give them the Vinyl Club treatment. Watch our video and you will see what we mean. We might put a swing on it or we might make it funky. You will recognise the song instantly but you won’t be expecting it and we know when the time comes to play the classic songs the way everyone wants to hear them and we are ready to deliver.

We have been gigging together for years with our own music, playing gigs around the UK and the US with Kasabian, Zane Lowe and at The Live Lounge Sessions with Jo Whiley. Now we have taken all of that experience and put it into creating amazing weddings and parties all over the country.

We love playing weddings because they are always great fun and you meet amazing people at every gig. It’s always a great night when you can get everyone involved and If you’ve ever wanted to be a rock star let us know before your date and we might have you come up and join us in the band.

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